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Throw Shade

No matter the occasion, there's always an opportunity to throw some shade! Shop our edit of the most gift-worthy shades. These are the one-size-fits-most, best sellers and eyewear staples that never go out of style, will look good on them and look even better on you.

Want to offer the glow up without the burden of choosing? Send them an e-gift card or have us send them one of our limited edition holographic eye-con gift cards.

Gift Cards

$100.00 - $1,000.00

AHLEM Champ de Mars


AHLEM • FRAMED EWE Place De La Concorde


Garrett Leight Brooks

$360.00 - $420.00

Garrett Leight Hampton

$360.00 - $420.00

Garrett Leight Hampton X


Garrett Leight Kinney

$360.00 - $420.00

GLCO x Clare V


SALT. Andy


SALT. Francisco


SALT. Fufkin



$440.00 - $460.00