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Occupational Lenses

Graphic Designer? Accountant? Artist? Teacher? Nurse? Hair Stylist? Did you know we have specific lenses that will help you see better and more easily while doing your daily tasks. Why not opt for a frame and Rx combination designed specifically for your occupation or hobby?

Shamir Computer 
If you spend most of your day focusing on a computer or your nearby surroundings, you're a fit for our Shamir Computer lens. It's a freeform lens that provides a wide field of near viewing, guaranteeing clear vision up to 5 feet – This is even farther than conventional reading lenses. You don't have to be on a computer, we prescribe this style of lens to musicians, accountants and designers.

Shamir Workspace
If you're shifting between things mid-distance and nearby you're a candidate for Shamir Workspace. This freeform lens design allows you to move back and forth with ease, giving you sharper vision to focus on what's on your desk, computer screen and also a clear view of your colleague across the room.  These lenses usually end up over the eyes of florists, doctors, nurses and chefs.

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