Apathy is the Death of Democracy

We're taking this election seriously, so FRAMED EWE and Phoenix General are rewarding our civically engaged community with local art. We're opening later to ensure that our staff makes their voices heard. After you've voted pop in at 12pm or later at our Fred Segal or Colony locations with an 'I Voted' sticker and pick up a free piece of art by 1 of 5 local artists. At the Colony enjoy First Place Coffee from 12-2pm. The Artists  Mark Freedman "...because we separate Like ripples on a blank shore In rainbows... Dedicated to all human beings."                                          Reckoner                                          Radiohead   Smile. You voted! You've added your voice to the story of our United and Divided States of America. Thank you! The smiley face...a...

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The Light & The Shadow – Jacques Marie Mage Summer 2018

Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent's notorious 1971 haute couture collection, Jacques Marie Mage enlisted Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin and actress and acclaimed actress Anna Brewster to star in their Summer 2018 campaign –Needless to say we're in to it. The Apollinaire The Yves The Yves The Apollinaire The Duval The Christa The Apollinaire The 1962 The Borodino The Yves The Apollinaire  The Borodino The Kilpatrick

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Staying Cool During Summer

Andrea wears AHLEM Casadeus in Silver While the scorching temperatures might tempt us to sleep in all day and only leave the air conditioned comfort of home to get coffee in our (sweaty) sweatpants, we have to put some real effort forward to stay looking cool during summer. Lucky for us (and ewe, too!) some of our favorite glasses actually make it super easy to stay stylish no matter what we’re up to or feel like wearing. Summer to us is definitely about vacations and beach days, but it’s also about taking any opportunity we have to relax, enjoy life, and dress up - even for a leisurely afternoon stroll. So, we went out and explored our West Hollywood neighborhood...

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