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Whether it's for work, play or everyday we can upgrade your eyewear with the latest in lenses and coatings. Read about some of our most popular Shamir lens styles:


Shamir Spectrum+ is the ultimate kickback and relax progressive lens. With up to a 20% wider viewing zones, you can avoid neck aches and enjoy a more comfortable posture while reading.


An ideal lens for screen time on your digital devices, Shamir InTouch provides the visual comfort patients need for the handheld zone, a new reading area between 15” – 27”. No other lens is designed to meet the needs of this new zone.


The cold brew of lens technology, Shamir Relax incorporates an extra ADD Power in the lower part of the lens, so the eye muscles don’t have to work as hard at accommodation. It’s a single vision fatigue relief lens that relieves strain on the eye muscles. You'll feel more energized and refreshed at the end of the day.


The closest to custom available, Shamir Autograph III is a balanced progressive lens, holistically adapted to the patient’s prescription, ensuring a clear and comfortable visual experience with greater stability, clearer vision in the transitional zones, ergonomic design and a breakthrough in reverse engineering that guarantees you'll see things at an accurate scale.


Glaring issue? Get the glare out of your glasses with a Glacier Plus UV Coating. It's the optimal lens coating that won’t wear off or scratch and leaves the lens clear and free of distracting reflection. Glacier Plus UV provides all that, plus the most comprehensive UV protection for the eyes, blocking both incoming and rear surface reflected rays. 


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