Who We Are

FRAMED EWE carefully curates the best in independent eyewear from around the world for those who love timeless design with meticulous attention to detail.

 We provide you with a curated collection of luxury eyewear, showcasing renowned brands such as Jacques Marie Mage, Kuboraum, Rigards, Factory900, SALT., and AKONI. We also celebrate the pioneers of independent eyewear like Moscot, Garrett Leight, L.A. Eyeworks, and Andy Wolf, and are always scouting for exciting newcomers such as Vada, AKILA, and District Vision. With FRAMED EWE, you no longer need to scour the internet for the perfect eyewear – we've done the searching for you.

At the core of FRAMED EWE is our genuine desire to provide nothing but the best for our customers. We offer more than just a shopping experience; we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of eyewear.  Our knowledgeable team provides a seamless journey where discovering fashionable frames is just the beginning of exploring the possibilities in optical and sunglasses. Our expert opticians take the time to understand your specific eyewear needs and recommend the latest advancements in lens technology to suit your prescription perfectly.

Community and creativity are integral to FRAMED EWE's ethos. We actively contribute to the cultural landscape of our locations, whether it's our stores in Phoenix, Los Angeles, or Fred Segal. We host vibrant parties, create pop-up gallery spaces, organize innovative community fundraisers, and collaborate with talented artists to foster an environment that goes beyond eyewear.

Our dedication to exceptional eyewear and outstanding service has not gone unnoticed. We are proud to be recognized in the Vogue Small Business Retail Directory and honored as recipients of the Phoenix New Times "Best Eyewear" award.

Our expert team at FRAMED EWE is ready to help you discover frames that perfectly combine fashion, functionality, and individuality. Prepare to experience eyewear (ewe)phoria.