In December of 2021, FRAMED EWE Optical partnered with Marley's Mutts and photographer Shayan Asgharnia for a month-long campaign bringing awareness to the many dogs available for adoption. In addition, beginning Giving Tuesday through the end of the year, $5 for every frame purchased at FRAMED EWE Optical will be donated to Marley’s Mutts.

Bella is a 4 year old female Shepherd mix. Bella grew up in Lebanon and was rescued my Marley’s prior to the CDC ban. Her beautiful and affectionate personality is a plus in our Wheelie World for ‘handicapable’ dogs. 

Bella wears the Jacques Marie Mage Kelly

Ivar is a male 1 ½ year old Shepherd mix. He was part of the dogs rescued from Morocco prior to the CDC ban. When he first arrived, he was shy and a bit timid, but it took just a week for him to come out of his shell. 

Ivar wears the Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin

Alaster is a male Siberian Husky who is 6 years old. He is mellow and pretty quiet. He had been picked up as a stray. He plays well with most dogs and loves humans.

Alastar wears the Jacques Marie Mage Ascari

Wonder is a 10+ year old male Poodle. This senior pup is the epitome of sweet. Although he is blind, his radar is phenomenal. He seems to have no trouble navigating his way around the Ranch house.

Wonder wears the MOSCOT Zolman

Riley is a 3 year old female white German Shepherd and is playful and sweet. She is a frequent guest in many playgroups at the Ranch. She also loves humans and doesn’t have some of the protective issues some shepherd breeds possess.

Riley wears the Kuboraum Maske P7

Devlin is a 4-5 year old male Golden Retriever.  He was rescued from BETA Lebanon just prior to the CDC ban.  He is so special as are all these dogs from around the world.  

Devlin wears the AKILA Apollo

Willie is a 2 year old male Terrier mix who is as gentle as can be, despite his tough guy look.  Willie has a very nice demeanor and does well with other dogs in playgroups.

Willie felt fab without frames.

Zooey is a female 1 year old Pitbull mix and is Alice’s sister. Picked up as a stray, Zooey is very people friendly and wants to give and receive love. She has excelled at training and wants to please.

Zooey wears the LAPIMA Carlota


Cheeks is a 4 year old male pitbull that is truly a dog that smiles. He was picked up as a stray like so many of the pitties in our city. He was definitely a favorite at the shelter as well as here at the Ranch.

Cheeks wears the Kuboraum Maske P8

Mudd is a female Pitbull/Lab mix who is 5 years old. She was also rescued from BETA Lebanon several years ago. She was recently returned to us after a year of adoption as her adoptive family experienced significant life changes.

Mudd wears the MOSCOT Lemtosh

Hank is 1 ½ year old male Rottweiler mix. Hank is a happy-go-lucky pup. He loves human affection and gets along well with other dogs. He’s been a rockstar in Ranch playgroups.

Hank wears the Jacques Marie Mage Jax

Choco is a male 8 year old Pitbull who smiles from ear to ear. Some call him short stack, but we describe him as a strong lovable hunk.

Choco wears the AKILA EDRA

Alice is a female 1 year old Pitbull mix and is Zooey’s sister.  Also picked up as a stray, she and her sister most likely lived outside and had little human interaction.  Alice has excelled with training tasks and is extremely affectionate.

Alice wears the LAPIMA Sasha X

Rey is a 2 year old female pitbull who is trying to find her parents, this journey has led her across the galaxy to no avail. But fear not Rey has shown that no amount of adversity could keep her down.

Rey wears the Jacques Marie Mage Molino

Cora Rose belongs to Marley's Mutts founder Zach Skow.

Cora Rose wears the VADA Siren

About Marley's Mutts

Marley’s Mutts is committed to making a pawsitive and lasting impact on communities by using the power of the human/animal bond. Marley’s Mutts not only rescues animals, but also works on their physical and psychological rehabilitation to create second chances. 

Rescued Dogs Rescuing People® is the philosophy guiding everything we do at Marley’s Mutts and is reflected in our Pawsitive Change® Prison Program, and Miracle Mutts® Therapy Dog Program and Marley’s Mutt Movers initiative.


About Shayan Asgharnia

Shayan Asgharnia is an editorial and advertising photographer.

From Questlove to Erin Brockovich, the Wall Street Journal to Modelo, Asgharnia is known for capturing the intrigue, magnetism and depth in his subjects, creating a connection between them and the viewer.

Born in Iran, raised in Texas, he currently lives and works between Los Angeles and New York with his dog, Cher, and cat, Blueberry.

He's friendlier than he looks.



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