Apathy is the Death of Democracy

Apathy is the Death of Democracy

We're taking this election seriously, so FRAMED EWE and Phoenix General are rewarding our civically engaged community with local art.

We're opening later to ensure that our staff makes their voices heard. After you've voted pop in at 12pm or later at our Fred Segal or Colony locations with an 'I Voted' sticker and pick up a free piece of art by 1 of 5 local artists. At the Colony enjoy First Place Coffee from 12-2pm.

The Artists 

Mark Freedman

"...because we separate
Like ripples on a blank shore
In rainbows...
Dedicated to all human beings."


Smile. You voted! You've added your voice to the story of our United and Divided States of America. Thank you!

The smiley face...a greeting, human to human. a smile offers positivity, peace, thanks and happiness. It feels good. He/She is my beatific spirit navigating us through rough waters and reminding us to smile and live beautiful.

Mark Freedman, Framed Ewe, Election Day 

Pieces available at both Fred Segal and The Colony

Dani Kump 

If you want to see change...you have to be change! Voting is something we can all do to be the change. Get out there!

dani kump, framed ewe, vote, election day, art, local

BE THE CHANGE U WISH 2C 5x7 block print on heavyweight kraft paper.
Pieces will be available at The Colony

Matt Magee

Polling Station Aftermath, the conceptual and choreographed emptiness of a polling station after an election

matt magee, photography

Photographs will be available at The Colony

Carrie Marill

My Vote is grounded in Love and Optimism

carrie marill, punkwasp, phoenix, local art, election,

Pieces will be available at The Colony

Faith Christiansen

This Vote Collection says something about why people vote. Everyone has their own reason and bias to stay civically minded and active. Some vote for consumption, some for souls, some for representation, some for trees, some for children. We need all the votes, the entire collection, for all the reasons. 


Faith Christiansen, election, art, local art, phoenix

Pieces will be available at The Colony


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