POV | 4 AM In The Chillout Room

POV | 4 AM In The Chillout Room

FRAMED EWE Optical and Recordbar Radio present the twelfth installment of POV, our monthly Spotify playlist series curated, compiled and arranged by Recordbar Radio.

Each playlist is lovingly crafted to inspire and reflect the mood of a certain situation, place, time, or feeling; giving each playlist its own unique point of view. A new playlist drops at the beginning of every month on FRAMED EWE Optical's Spotify channel.

POV | 4 AM In The Chillout Room

Like a lost area forgotten in both time and place, the chillout room is a relic of '90s rave nostalgia that so desperately needs a rebirth in modern

4 AM In The Chillout Room, the 12th installment in our POV playlist series, is a trip through post-party euphoria that inspires a dream-like state; one where the listener is transported to the chillout room of their own imagination, especially for - a nice, soft landing at any hour of the day.

Like the room it’s named after, the list plays out like a delicate dance; a balanced pairing that impresses upon us a sense of harmonious ease where everything seems to be, truly, in its right place.

Featuring music from: Moreta, Books., Amigara, Treetalking, Dungeon Destroyah, Kareem Ali, Oneohtrix Point Never, Yves Tumor and more.

Listen to 4 AM In The Chillout Room by DJ Jake Stellarwell now at the link in bio, in our POV story highlights, or on the FRAMED EWE Spotify channel.


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