POV | Atmospheric Perspective

POV | Atmospheric Perspective

FRAMED EWE Optical and Recordbar Radio present the tenth installment of POV, our monthly Spotify playlist series curated, compiled and arranged by Recordbar Radio.

Each playlist is lovingly crafted to inspire and reflect the mood of a certain situation, place, time, or feeling; giving each playlist its own unique point of view. A new playlist drops at the beginning of every month on FRAMED EWE Optical's Spotify channel.

POV | Atmospheric Perspective

Thoughts weave in and around the skyline of your mind. Things that look clear get hazy the further you move away. Memories fade as you drive off into the sunset, becoming one with the horizon.

Atmospheric Perspective has been used by impressionists to introduce depth and dimension to their paintings, but it is also a noticeable phenomenon in everyday life.

Inspired by those 'hazy' moments, our May POV playlist brings together KrautRock, New Wave, Post-Punk, Synth-wave, and an assortment of left-field dance compositions to help you find the edges of your shape.

Featuring music from Kraftwerk, Can, Yellow Magic Orchestra, King Crimson, The Human League and more. Perfect music to listen to while gazing out into the distance.


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