POV | Moments Before a Storm

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FRAMED EWE Optical and Recordbar Radio present the ninth installment of POV, our monthly Spotify playlist series curated, compiled and arranged by Recordbar Radio.

Each playlist is lovingly crafted to inspire and reflect the mood of a certain situation, place, time, or feeling; giving each playlist its own unique point of view. A new playlist drops at the beginning of every month on FRAMED EWE Optical's Spotify channel.

POV | Moment Before the Storm
Inspired by the calm, even blissful moments just before a storm, April's POV playlist highlights 2 hours of easy listening compiled by the one and only Jules Quimby.

Assembling recordings from artists like Swing Out Sister, Ahmad Jamal, Miles Davis, Henry Mancini, Chaka Khan and The Art of Noise, Moments Before a Storm features the mellower sides of Jazz, Jazz Pop, Lounge, Exotica and orchestral scores released between 1967 and 2013.

Culled from Jules' personal collection of discoveries, each song has a memory tied to it making the list a true reflection of his journey as a collector and recorded media archivist.

So sit back, kick your feet up, sip something cool and press play. And who knows, maybe listening to this playlist will conjure up a much needed rainstorm.

Listen now at the link in bio, or in our POV story highlights and on the FRAMED EWE Spotify channel.


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