POV | Receiving Hints of Spring

POV | Receiving Hints of Spring

FRAMED EWE Optical and Recordbar Radio present the seventh installment of POV, our monthly Spotify playlist series curated, compiled and arranged by Recordbar Radio.

Each playlist is lovingly crafted to inspire and reflect the mood of a certain situation, place, time, or feeling; giving each playlist its own unique point of view. A new playlist drops at the beginning of every month on FRAMED EWE Optical's Spotify channel.

POV | Receiving Hints of Spring

February is the final month of winter in the northern hemisphere. With Earth's axis starting to shift, we receive hints of spring.

Our February POV playlist features music from FKA Twigs, Burial, Dorothy Ashby, Donald Byrd, Dreamcastmoe, 18 Carat Affair, Shigeto, Nala Sinephro and more. Enjoy it at the park under a tree as you daydream watching Winter turn to Spring.

Compiled & Arranged by DAVINA @davinadavi of Recordbar Radio for FRAMED EWE Optical

Listen now over on the FRAMED EWE Spotify channel. Listen below or head over to FRAMED EWE's Spotify channel to listen to POV | Receiving Hints of Spring . For the optimal listening experience, start from track 1 and glide all the way to the end of the final track. That's right, toggle your shuffle setting off and thank us later.


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