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We The People

Posted by Christy Kimball on
We The People


Photography & Art Direction by Daniel Cavanaugh


Cristal wearing Ahlem

Left: Ahlem & Moscot, Right: Sammy wearing Ahlem

Anthony wearing Moscot 

Left: Aziza wearing Dita, Right: Thom Browne, Ahlem & Salt

Sammy wearing Ahlem

Left: Cristal wearing Ahlem, Right: Anthony wearing Ahlem

Cristal wearing Ahlem

Left:Aziza wearing Ahlem, Right: Cristal wearing Dita 

Anthony wearing Ahlem

Left: Sammy wearing Thom Browne, Right: Ahlem & Moscot




Featuring Cristal Veras, Sammy Riley, Anthony Avila, & Aziza Crimmins


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