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The Last Frontier is a limited edition eyewear collection by Jacques Marie Mage that achieves new heights of workmanship and artistry. Designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted in Japan, the newest iteration of this elegant and powerful eyewear series is forged at the intersection of Art Deco and the American West. Sleek and sculptural frames feature a variety of innovative components and signature, jewelry-like embellishments that affirm our commitment to heritage and craft.

Both optical and sunglasses are carefully created from the highest-quality plant-based acetate and include sophisticated sterling silver or gold adornments; many of the styles (the “Driftwood”, “Kerwin”, and “Dayton” specifically) feature brass arrowhead details and Chimayo textile-inspired filigree, drawing upon a heritage of weaving unique to the New Mexican community. These also feature the collection’s original thunderbird emblem at the temple tips, punctuated with real, non-dyed turquoise. Other styles (the Thundercloud and Cody) introduce a new, streamlined thunderbird motif with speckled turquoise inlays, reminiscent of classic mid-century auto styling.

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