Garrett Leight SS 2024 Collection


Step into the world of Garrett Leight's Spring/Summer 2024 collection, where every frame tells a story of comfort and style. Garrett Leight California Optical launched its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, paying homage to nature while embracing comfort, timelessness, and original design inspiration. This collection introduces a range of fresh, nature-inspired details, including filigree features like braid pattern core wire, mountain pattern core wire, and braid pattern end pieces. The new styles exhibit enduring designs with elegant detailing. The collection includes seven new sun styles: Cyprus S, Gilbert S, Manzanita S, Meadow S, Sherwood S, Torrey S, and Van Buren II S, along with five new optical styles: Alder, Manzanita, Monarch, Sherwood, and Wilshire. It's all about embracing your unique style and confidence. Are you ready to strut your stuff?

'Here is how I envision this new collection. Settle into your sitting room after you’ve put your day behind you. Pour yourself a strong glass of whiskey, neat, two fingers. Tap into your music listening device and select Chris Stapleton, play the track “Tennessee Whiskey.” Sit there and reflect. Once you’re good and deep on your feelings and your relationship with this brand after a decade of GLCO and all the good memories, select the track “Death Row,” also by Chris Stapleton. Now stand up and strut around your living room, and tell yourself, I’m a bad mother fucker. That’s the energy. Do with it what you may.'
- Garrett Leight