3 Things I See in Eye Exams That Patient’s Don’t Know They Have

3 Things I See in Eye Exams That Patient’s Don’t Know They Have

When it comes to eye exams there's more than meets the eye. In your comprehensive eye exam we can learn a number of things related to your eye and general health. Here are the top 3 things I see in eye exams that patients don't know they have. 

- Dr. Morrison

Dry Eye

Living in a desert can be rough. The majority of people that I examine, whether symptomatic or not, have some form of dry eye. This can cause fluctuations in vision, itchy eyes, red eyes, or inability to wear contact lenses.

Most people can get back into contact lenses by treating their dry eye.

Focusing Issues

Younger people who don’t need reading glasses are stressing their focusing systems every day by near-constant work at the computer and phone.

Many of these patients actually have a diagnosable focusing disorder which we test for in your comprehensive eye exam.

There are special lenses that help with this too. There's no need to suffer with eye strain!


Although less common than the others, this is one thing I diagnose frequently that patients don’t know they have. Glaucoma is damage to the optic nerve and must be treated to avoid vision loss.


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