Everything's Fine!

Everything's Fine!
'How are you?' - the three-word phrase that plays a perfunctory role in our everyday conversations. At its best, it assumes a heartfelt intention, but more often than that, it's a gag reflex rooted in social niceties. In a year filled with unthinkable events that prompt existential reckonings of every magnitude, the simple question 'how are you?' can take on loaded significance. It prompts the question, does the person asking ever really want to know how we're doing? Do we ever really tell them? Now more than ever it's important we ask the question, 'How are you?' with genuineness and openness to whatever the answer might be. And to all acknowledge, times are not normal right now, and it's okay if everything's not fine. – Tess Ranahan
Created by
Jeff Sredni / @jeffsredni
Tess Ranahan / @tess_ranahan
Starring Juliana Joel / @thejulianajoel 

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