#EWETIME – Christy

#EWETIME – Christy

Why are you staying home?

To protect the health of our FRAMED EWE Team and the communities we operate in. For my friends and family that are high risk because of age or underlying conditions. For health care workers, thank you for what you do.

What are you up to?

Slowing down, health habits - vitamins, balance, home-cooked meals, reconnecting, connecting, checking in with loved ones, taking time to do all the things I never had time for, or made time for. Fresh air, picnics in the park. Releasing what needs to go and manifesting the future.

Working on FRAMED EWE, fine-tuning, refocusing, enjoying the process. Planning for how we will reopen safely and slowly, and what this new way of connecting with our customers will look like.

What’s been the most difficult?

Temporarily shutting down 3 stores. Telling everyone to stay home in one day was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made, it was also one of the easiest. Valuing and engaging our team and community has always been at the heart of FRAMED EWE, protecting them was a no brainer.

Sadness for the loss of life and pain for those mourning.

Silver linings?

Clear skies. The Earth itself is getting a breath of fresh air, and how quickly it seems to be recovering. Getting a glimpse of what Earth was like before we polluted it, seeing the potential for a cleaner future.

A fresh vision, for myself and FRAMED EWE. Although the current situation is deeply sad, it’s a gift to be able to stop for this long, take stock of one’s life, leave behind what you no longer need, and move forward with an enlightened perspective.

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  • Mary on

    A heartfelt hug for ‘ewe’😷❣️
    Your words reflected just what we should feel:

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