#EWETIME – Stephen

#EWETIME – Stephen

Why are you staying home?

Because we are all in this together. Let's face it... none of us are getting out of here alive BUT together we can stop this virus and prevent any sudden deaths. 

What are you up to?

It's more like what have you not been up to? From watching Tiger King to reading books, painting our home, playing Susie homemaker (cooking three meals a day), virtual happy hours, playing hide and seek with the toilet paper, board games, puzzles, air guitar.... we've done it.

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What’s been the most difficult?

Thinking about friends, family or anyone on this wild ride might struggle mentally, financially or emotionally.

Silver linings?

When things get tough it tends to bring us closer together. I hope this will help elevate all of us to a higher consciousness, be kinder to each other and mother earth.


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