#EWETIME – Jordin

#EWETIME – Jordin

Why are you staying home?

Plain and simple, I stay home because I don’t want to risk spreading illness to my community, y’all mean too much to me. While at home, I’m trying to soak up as much of the beautiful Arizona weather by taking long walks around the neighborhood with my dog and husband, working on my garden, and I finally adopted two hens that have been a constant source of entertainment (and eggs!). 


What are you up to?

I’ve tackled a few books, baked cookies, made new jewelry, and of course, watched Tiger King.


What’s been the most difficult?

The most challenging aspect of quarantine is the unknown time frame. However, I feel lucky to be able to stay home right now. I know there are healthcare professionals, grocery store workers, and many essential people still out there fulfilling their daily duties. For that, thank you.

Silver linings?

Once we come out of this I hope we are able to form a greater global community. I’ve already seen lots of people reach out to others in new ways to help those in need.



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