Why Our Eye Exams Are Different

Why Our Eye Exams Are Different
I want your vision to help you, not limit you, in living your best life.


My mission is to provide my patients with the most comprehensive and personalized care possible. Because we function as a concierge-like practice, I am able to provide this unique care to each patient.

With a personalized eye exam, we take the time to go over your health, medications, family history, past complications and surgeries, and the visual issues that you are having. We combine them with the knowledge of how you interact with the world on a daily basis to achieve your best visual results.

– Dr. Caitlin Morrison

Steps of a Personalized Eye Exam


1. We will discuss any problems you are having with your eyes or vision.

2.  We will talk about your health history. Systemic conditions and medications can affect the health of your eyes.

3. I’ll ask you about your career and hobbies. Different professions need different eyewear and contact lens designs!

4. I will check the health of your eyes. The most important part! Let’s make sure you are cleared for another 100,000 miles.

5. We will find your eyeglasses prescription, and trial the new prescription in-office, to make sure you are comfortable with it.

6. We will discuss new contact lens technology. So you can see clearly, even without glasses!

7. I will come up with a personalized plan for you to keep your eyes healthy, clear, and comfortable. I’ll give you a copy of this information to take home.



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