POV | Time To Say Goodbye (A Love Letter)

POV | Time To Say Goodbye (A Love Letter)

FRAMED EWE Optical and Recordbar Radio present POV, our monthly Spotify playlist series curated, compiled and arranged by Recordbar Radio.

Each playlist is lovingly crafted to inspire and reflect the mood of a certain situation, place, time, or feeling; giving each playlist its own unique point of view. A new playlist drops at the beginning of every month on FRAMED EWE Optical's Spotify channel.

POV | Time To Say Goodbye (A Love Letter)

How does one even begin to say goodbye? All of the memories made and energy shared encapsulated in a single phrase, just doesn't ever seem to be enough...

The emotions felt in transition are numerous and ever-changing, all surely being given ample space for consideration here on 'Time To Say Goodbye (A Love Letter)', a heart-felt audio adieu felt by Phoenix's sweetest hi-nrg boy DJ Sueńo of Recordbar Radio. Meditative soundscapes greet us with pensive, open arms that hold us tight. Deep diving into the waters of ambient new wave contemplation, bittersweet electronics acts as mantras of loving, loss and new beginnings whispered in our ears. Punky grit dots many moments along this aural journey, fuzzed out excitement and anticipation gives way to warm plucking that ripples out to every corner of the heart. Following the beat of the drum we hear most loudly inside as it quickens and then slows, repeating until the moment you actually leave... this life is fleeting, act now and act with love.

This playlist features music from Grouper, Strawberry Switchblade, Cry Velvet, Cocteau Twins, EthanUno, Mall Grab, Pelada, Choir Boy and more.

Listen now on the Framed Ewe Spotify channel.


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