YOU IN EWE – Tania Katan

YOU IN EWE – Tania Katan

Tania Katan, Author, Creative Disruptor, Inspirational speaker and co-creator of the viral campaign #ItWasNeverADress


Wearing FRAMED EWE frames since?

May, 2018


Your FRAMED EWE frames are?

Jacques Marie Mage Dealan

Day job?

Creative Trespasser


The World

What are you reading?

On Living and Dying by Krishnamurti 

What are you listening to?

My mom. She has really good advice this year! 

Shot and styled by Priscilla Urrutia, PALABRA Collective @priscillaurrutia @palabracollective


Your favorite local spots?

Giant Coffee, Press Coffee, Futuro Coffee...Noticing a theme?

Describe your style in three words?

Sophisticated, Adult, Child 

Your ideal day is spent?

Walking long distances, through new cities and natural landscapes and magically arriving at the best coffee place I've ever been to. Seeing a contemporary art exhibition or theatre piece, then running into someone I met years ago on the street, embracing and continuing walk. Meditation in the late afternoon, followed by snuggling up my dog and lady at the same time. OH, and somehow, my eyeglasses don't get sweaty, dirty or mucked up the entire day. The End. 

Piece of advice you’d give everyone?

Laughing at your mistakes is essential. But in order to laugh at your mistakes, you have make them first. 


Meet Tania Katan at FRAMED EWE x FRED SEGAL on February 17th, 1 PM - 3 PM

With every eyewear purchase enjoy a signed copy of Katan's latest book, 'CREATIVE TRESPASSING: How to Put the Spark and Joy Back into Your Work and Life'




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