YOU IN EWE - Mark Jay Freedman

YOU IN EWE - Mark Jay Freedman

This month we turn the lens on artist Mark Jay Freedman for our #YOUINEWE series in anticipation of his Shortcut Gallery opening of For A Change of Atmosphere. Watch the interview and learn about Freedman's process.



Join us Friday, March 8th, 5-8pm, for the SHORTCUT GALLERY opening of For A Change of Atmosphere by Mark Jay Freedman

For A Change of Atmosphere

"... you're just list a dream..."
Just Like Heaven
The Cure

We are here ... familiar but?

For A Change of Atmosphere presents hybrid offerings. Art mixed with flavors of Nature and Nature sprinkled with flavors of Art (a dash of The Eighties added for good measure). Paintings, Practical Sculpture, Hybrid Object D'Art and Digital Prints are in the Springtime forecast. We will also experience the initial offerings from e.i.i.r.p.- my design production company. (everything in its right place) - Mark Jay Freedman

Mark Freedman Wears Moscot Miltzen Optical in Studio (Above), Ahlem Place Coluche Optical (In Video), Kuboraum Mask N3 Sunglasses

About Mark Jay Freedman

Mark Freedman and his work have been contributing phrases to his story of the in between since he completed his Hunter College Master’s thesis two weeks before the end of the 20th century. Freedman draws from a journey that began floating wide-eyed in the suburban pools of color-soaked Los Angeles and shifted to the sands of the emerging. American desert, where he unearthed vital found-object lessons. Freedman spent his creative energies out West establishing the Arizona based art group The TRA25 Capsule (2000 – 2006). The group represented the burgeoning downtown Phoenix art community with numerous gallery happenings, public art projects, lectures and private commissions all culminated in “Fresh Paint,” an exhibition celebrating the new voices of the West at the Phoenix Art Museum. He wandered head-up in New York’s steel canyons, beaches and forests of his artistic ancestors and continued to examine the shift from analog to digital. During his time in New York, Freedman showed at the Woodstock Biennial, the Katonah Museum of Art, New York Studio Gallery and executed several private commissions.

Now he and his family returns to the desert where his heart has always remained. Be it by brush, scissor, pen, hammer or keyboard, Freedman aspires to produce work that can blind from the flash that birthed the 1980’s age of information, embrace the do-it-yourself aesthetic from the West Coast 1970’s and humanizes the technological flood that has


Styled and shot by Priscilla Urrutia, PALABRA Collective

@priscillaurrutia @palabracollective


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